Friday, August 19, 2011

Beef, i taught my freind how to was goin good untill he started copying all my stuff but without the meaning behind it. so i talked to him and he bassically said i was a ass in a very nice way and all of his stencils are "his" i started to plan...i went to everyone of his stencils and tagged everyone with toy. ik it dosent seem mature but guess what beef is beef. so in the long run id just like to say i will never help anyone again in the art world again and you should do the same.
Peace Stay up Stay out Stay brutal and most importantly , question everything

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Sale!

SOSOSO! i made my first sale today i sold two canvas's for 40 bucks, dosent seem like that much but for a first sale thats preatty good if you ask me! haha but its gone good and i made a deviantart profile i would love it if you guys checked it out!

The Streets Art

Well this is the start, this is the start of this blog, its gonna be the story of a writer, the story of a group of kids , me my freinds just tryin to make it in the world. our goal is to make it big in the graffiti world. Skream, thats it thats the name i use and this blog is just gonna be about how we do our things and how my proggress in the art world is goin! im not really a blogger so ima try my best to start with this and keep it goin 
Remember stay up, stay out , and always question!